Saturday, 8 June 2013

Alive & Well

Hi All
i hope you are all fit n well, i can't believe how long it is since i last posted! My poor little blog has been neglected, so thought i would give you an update, well thats if any one still looks as nothing has been posted for so long! lol
We are both fine, the weather is fabulous me to a t, we had our first bushfire last week, just in the next valley, was a bit scary, lasted from 11-5.30 helicopters with water buckets & planes dumping sand or something, missed the two houses at the top of the hill., put some pics on facebook.
I started making some cakes for our local taverna, my lemon drizzle cake goes down a storm as a warm pud after sunday lunch, fran asked me if i wanted a few hours so i now work wens & fri 11-3, just preaping food & some cleaning, luv it, all my wages get spent there!!
Have had lots of visitors, feb/march/april/may, last lot went couple weeks ago, next lot arrive july, then aug!
Never had such a hectic social life but my does belly no it!! think more of a wine belly than food! lol 
Well thats it for now, will pop back soon, take care all. 
Thank you if you stop by to see me, i do appreciate it.
lots luv.


Annie said...

Hi Sue,
Good to hear how life is with you. You really sound to be enjoying life :-)
The fire sounded too close for comfort though.....stay safe.
A x

Vicky said...

So pleased you are enjoying your new life hun...:o)

biggest of hugs Vicky xx

Sandra H said...

Hi Sue so nice to see you popping up and to know all is well not so good with the bush fires though!! at lease no one was hurt sounds like your busy and working too take care and see you again sometime x

Elaine Stark said...

Good to hear from you. You seem to be very busy, but enjoying life. Elaine

Asha said...

That fire looks scary. Stay safe, my friend!
xxx Asha
Sunny Summer Crafts

cheryl Baker said...

oh hunny great too,hear from you I have not been on for a while either sounds,like you are really busy hun stay safe hun,and take care love hugs Cherylxxxx

Linda Compton said...

I do miss your blog posts. I always had a good chuckle trying to figure out what you were saying. (I speak a different English than you, ask Sarah lol)

Glad to hear the fire missed your home. Please send cake, it sounds delicious hon! Good to hear you sound so happy too.

Nannieflash said...

Oh Dear Sue, take care and run a mile if it gets any nearer. hugs Shirleyxxxx

Lorraine A said...

I was just popping on here to tell you that you have had enuff time to settle in now ,,, back to work you slacker ,,,, hahaha :-)
We miss you on here ,,,,, when you comin back ???? :-D

Crikey.,, glad the fires missed you but bet that was a bit scary ,, ;-/

Glad you're setting in well and enjoying the sunshine ,, its great that you have a little job too, keeps you out of mischief :-D


Lols x x x

Stressed Stamper said...

Oh my god - you are worse than me at blogging these days!....glad you are ok - enjoy yr life in the sun - nice to hear from you whenever - me if I had been there would have thrown yr waistcoats on the fire - but I know you love them!...Glad it missed you....Take care hun - Lindas message made me laugh - you do talk a different language - but we love it..
take care buddie....missin ya!
Sarah x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So when are you coming back to blogland. You are missed, especially by those of us who aren't on Facebook.

America said...

HONEY - Im glad you are alive and well and having the time of your life. BUT...enough for a break now. Time for you to come back home to your Mousey sisters that miss you so much!! OK?? ha! Love you lots!!!!